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At Kaye-Dee, we have a team dedicated to the production of artwork and the manufacturing of printing plates. Thick Steel, Thin Steel, Nylo Plates all available.

Just send us your artwork and plate type and size(s) you require and let us do the rest!!!!

Using an automated plate etching system and computerised depth measuring equipment, our aim is to supply quality plates quickly.

Printing plates - Artwork Production
- Nylo Plates
- Thin Steel Plates
- Thick Steel Plates
- 100% Quality Checks


Printing 100 or 100,000 items, let us advise you on the best plate to suit your requirements.

For a quotation for your plate size(s),
call Gary Drakett on 0114 256 5084 or email gary.drakett@kayedee.co.uk
or contact our Customer Service Team on (0114) 256 5081 or emailsales@kayedee.co.uk.


Nylo Plates:
We stock a wide variety of polymer plates for nylo plate machines, these include:

Click for info PDF on the KM73 Printing PlateKM73:
Water wash plate offering additional durability to the KM43.
Suitable for medium length print runs.

Click for info PDF on the KM43 Printing PlateKM43:
Water wash plate for the cost conscious user.
Suitable for small to medium print runs.

Click for info PDF on the WS43 Printing PlateWS43:
Water wash plate - excellent durability.
Suitable for high resolution and fine detail work.

Click for info PDF on the ST52 Printing PlateST52:
Solvent wash plate.
Suitable for long print runs and fine detail work on sealed pot machines.

Thin Steel Plates/Long Life Thin Steel Plates:
Etched thin steel plates are suitable for print runs of 10,000 to 100,000 parts and are a great alternative to the 10mm steel plates traditionally used for longer production runs.

Two types of thin steel plates are available, the standard thin steel plate is the lowest cost plates and is suitable for most open ink well machines. Also available is a long life thin steel plate which has lapped finish and can be used with sealed pot machines, our thin steel plates can be punched to suit most types of plateholders not just Teca Print machines.

Thick Steel Plates:
An extensive range of steel plate sizes to suit all types of pad printing equipment are held in stock in the warehouse in Sheffield.

The plate department boasts automated plate etching systems and technologically advanced depth measuring instrumentation for the quality output of plates.


Call us on 0114 256 0222 with your exact plate size - and we'll do the rest.



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