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As well as a full range of standard printing machines Teca Print offer complete pad printing systems designed with handling such a bowl feeds, linear conveyors or rotary table printing systems.

Pad Printing can be used for such a wide range of applications, Teca Print have produced systems for many different industries throughout the years, here are a few examples of systems they have built.

Pad printing systems for syringes:

Teca Print Syringe System Fully automated systems for pad printing poly-prop syringes including corona pre-treatment, programmable pad cleaning and component orientation for print register with the flange of the syringe.

Output approx - 2500 parts/hour.

Click the picture on the left for details on the Pad Printing system for Syringes.



Pad printing systems for catheters:

Teca Print Catheter printing Sealed Pot pad printing systems for printing on catheter tubes.

Teca Print designed this machine to print 7 colours 360 degrees around catheter style medical components.

The TPX servo driven pad printer uses a VT linear shuttle to index the components between the printing pads, with the pad cleaning systems clearly visible in front of the ink well.

Click the picture on the left for details on the Pad Printing System for Catheters.



Teca Print two colour systems with bowl feed and auto ejects:

Teca Print Bowl Feed System A simple two colour print is all that is required to decorate some components - but the volumes are often high, so customers turned to Teca Print engineers to supply a fully automatic solution to printing them.

Click the picture on the left for details on the Bowl Feed system.

The systems shown above are just a small selection of the many hundreds of printing systems designed and built by Teca Print innovative team in Switzerland.

If you would like to get a quote for an application of your own please do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange a visit to discuss your application in more detail.



System Infomation:

Click for PDF info on Pad printing system for Jar LidsPad printing system for Jar lids

Click for PDF info on Pad Printing system for stove top panlesPad printing system for stove top panels

Click for PDF info on Pad Printing System for tumblersPad printing system for tumblers

Click for PDF info on Pad Printing Systems for Promotional giftsPad printing system for promotional gifts

Click for PDF info on Rotary Pad  System Cap printerRotary pad printing system cap printer

Click for PDF info on TPM 160 Modular Printing SystemTPM 160 modular printing system

Click for PDF info on Pad Printing system for Medical TubesPad printing system for medical tubes




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