Expert Training and Support

With over 40 years’ experience in pad printing Kaye-Dee has a wealth of knowledge positioning the company as industry experts. Our training seminars and onsite training will provide you with the technical know-how needed to achieve the best results possible from your printing machine.    

During the pad training sessions, you can gain an in-depth insight into how the pad printing process works, as well as the factors / conditions which affect printed results. This understanding of pad printing will enable you to problem solve, giving you the confidence to attempt more technically challenging print applications and implement best practice techniques to improve print quality, which in turn will lead to a reduction in your component scrap rates.    

Our pad courses include a full range of areas including: 

  • Machine set-up  
  • Printing Pad & Ink Selection 
  • Ink Mixing & Material Identification 
  • Production of Steel & Nylo Printing Plates  
    • (includes practical demonstration of etched nylo plates)  
  • Print Problem Solving  
  • Maintenance & Cleaning  
  • Plates Open or Screen etched plates?  
  • Pads Which pad for open / etch plate? 
  • Viscospatula / Correct Viscosity using a viscospatula?   

For all the digital machines we supply, Kaye-Dee offer full training in all aspects of operation. We will cover everything from daily maintenance to machine operation and setup. Also covered is software training and how best to use the RIP software to achieve the best printed results.    

For both pad and digital machines Kaye-Dee can provide on-site training either following our standard format or tailored to suit your specific requirements.   

We can even offer on-site training for three to eight operators and would be pleased to discuss this service with you.